Packer x New Jersey Devils

Packer Shoes x Starter x New Jersey Devils

A shift in strategy…

Traditionally the Devils have had an old, white fanbase. We were challenged to attract younger, cooler and more diverse fans to the team. So instead of creating ads or trying to act young, we decided to create culture. New Jersey has the largest population of sneakerheads in America and New Jersey has one of the oldest, most respected, sneaker shops - Packer Shoes. So, I approached the shop. Through calling, passing out cards and general persistence - I got a meeting on the books and a partnership was born. Our partnership was revolutionary. We were creating culture together, designing product lines and even creating one-off custom celebrity gifts together (which I can’t show). Below are two of our creations, which were created around stories from the team and tapped into streetwear culture.

"334 Club" Packer x Starter x New Jersey Devils

On January 22nd, 1987, a blizzard hit New Jersey that, by all logic, should have been more than reasonable grounds for postponing the Devils game scheduled for that night. But the powers that be decided that the show must go on, and the face-off with the Calgary Flames would proceed as planned.

Braving a foot of snow and insane road conditions, 334 dedicated fans decided that a little blizzard wasn’t going to keep them from making their way to the Meadowlands that night. When they arrived, they were treated to a virtually empty arena where they were allowed to sit wherever they wanted to witness the action-packed 7-5 win.

In appreciation of the fans’ extreme loyalty, a Devils representative went around the building taking the names and info of all the brave souls in attendance that night. They were later presented with special shirts and pins and became known as “The 334 Club” and honorary members of the New Jersey Devils family.

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of that night, Packer and Starter are teaming up once again with a special limited edition run of the classic white satin Devils jacket in honor of “The 334 Club."

The jackets launched exclusively to STM members first at the arena and frozen display showed off the exclusive product. During intermission, our broadcast partner MSG did a feature on the jackets as they spoke about the historic game and players rocked the gear during warm ups. 

Packer x New Jersey Devils 95 Stanley Cup Starter Jacket

To commemorate the first Stanley Cup victory in franchise history, Packer collaborated with Starter to create a limited edition run of retro green satin jackets featuring the commemorative Stanley Cup patch. To promote the collaboration, we tracked down 4 members of the '95 team and shot exclusive photos of them wearing the jacket. The jackets sold out in 5 minutes and are still one of the most sought after collaborations that the team has ever done.