Dads are the Original Hipsters

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Dads are the Original Hipsters

I never wanted to be an author or a blogger. I was just a guy who knew about content management, social tagging and SEO. I leveraged those skills to attract an audience by tapping into culture with a unique voice and an interesting perspective.

One month after I started the blog, it went viral and I got my first book deal.

To date:

7 million page views to date and still growing. 
+120k daily followers on tumblr. 
+27k Facebook fans. 
+100k books sold all over the world. 
Ranked in the top 2,000 books on Amazon during launch

*All followers were achieved organically. None paid. 


I Was an Awesomer Kid

Growing old sucks. So, as I looked around and saw everyone being slowly tamed by time, I asked myself... When did we stop being awesome?

This thought consumed me, so I started a blog and attracted a new following - sharing their photos which would be later turned into my second book. It’s part inspiration and part reminder to be daring, always learn new things and never grow up.

To date the book has sold over 20k copies around the world.



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