Binghamton Devils


Albany Devils core mark

Albany Devils core mark

In late 2016, the New Jersey Devils ownership decided to shift the AHL franchise from Albany to Binghamton. The Albany Devils logo was a demonized "A" with horns and a tail. For obvious reasons, the team would need a new identity with the move. 



Fans were expecting a demonized "B" with horns and a tail, however ownership wanted to head in a new direction. The goal was to create a logo that felt like a secondary mark for the New Jersey Devils and create a system that would inject more life into the brand. Additionally, the new marks had to feel more powerful/aggressive than a letter. For the design, we tapped Ben Douglass to help create this system. 

Core Marks




The Binghamton Devils uniform will match the new Adidas New Jersey Devils uniform in core striping and color system.