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New Jersey Devils

Turning a jersey into a story

In 2017 the NHL switched to Adidas as their official jersey manufacturer.  The New Jersey Devils organization wanted to break away from their old jersey and create a new heritage for a team that was trying to turn the page from the past. Our challenge was to create something that both represented the past, but was looking forward - giving the club a fresh start they could create their legacy in. 

Brief - Looking back to look forward. 

A brief history of the teams different sweaters

A brief history of the teams different sweaters

Our plan

Instead of just allowing Adidas to announce the jersey their way, we wanted to control the story by telling it our way. Achieving this was a master class in planning. Adidas was extremely tight-lipped about all information, photos, and assets for releasing the jersey. Additionally, the launch was happening in the off-season when we had little to no access to players. Final jersey samples weren't even complete. This created a perfect storm of problems. But, no problem is too big. Knowing we only had samples, we recorded and shot all of our assets before the players left at the end of the season. In post production, we retouched all imperfections and changes in the final design. 

Controlling the story

Fans had to understand what was coming, so we teased design elements by looking back at the history of our uniforms.


Social teasers

Adidas supplied every NHL team with teaser images to post on their social accounts. 


The launch

Instead of solely relying on Adidas for a run of show, we created all our own assets and information packets for fans. The jersey was debuted in a video featuring our Captain Andy Greene. This was posted with a featured article that went into the design and coordinated with local press. 

Key images


Featured article

Coordinated press

And it looks great on our 1st overall pick

And it looks great on our 1st overall pick